Preparing for a Non-U.S. Job Search

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Non-U.S. Job Search Sites

Non-University resources such as these job boards and web sites, are not administered or controlled by the University of Minnesota, and the University makes no representations or warranties regarding those sites or the opportunities that they post.  Please investigate opportunities and employers thoroughly before committing, and share any questions or concerns with Career Services staff. 

Sites covering multiple countries and/or regions

Riley Guide

This site provides inclusive website links for job searches in 8 regions: 1) Canada, 2) the Caribbean, Central & South America, 3) Western Europe, 4) British Isles, 5) Central and Eastern Europe, 6) Scandinavia, 7) Africa and the Middle East, and 8) Asia and Pacific Rim.    

Monster Global Gateway

This site connects users to 51 affiliated job sites in 44 countries, including Singapore, Korea, India, and Malaysia. Note that there are jobs posted for Hong Kong but not Greater China. Each country’s site is different because it is operated by Monster’s global branches or affiliated companies. English or home language is used.    

Indeed Worldwide

Provides free access to millions of jobs and internships from thousands of job boards, newspaper classifieds and company websites in 63 countries across 5 continents. You can search for jobs in your home language. Employers can post jobs on this website, but it is more likely that collect job postings from other sites by using online search engines.

CareerJet  Worldwide

Another job search engine. It covers 61 countries. If you click a country, it shows a search box where you can type in your home language.

Free to U of MN students through your online Job system (GoldPASS, The Edge, TalentLink)—log in and look for the GoingGlobal Logo to link to it). Provides international job seekers with country-specific career and employment guides for more than 40 countries. Job search resources, industry and employment trends, top companies, networking resources, work permits and visas, and resume/CV guidelines are provided. This company also provides H1B visa application records tracking back to 2010, and job search engine services that cover 63 countries.

Robert Walters

A global recruitment company with country-specific pages and postings, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia


This site shows very comprehensive list of jobs in the international development sector, including NGOs, UN organizations, non-profits, funding agencies and foundations in developing countries. In comparison, tends to show recently more U.S based non-profit positions.


Founded in Malaysia, this site now posts positions in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  Jobs are regularly updated and good quality.

One of the most famous job sites in China, and has the highest peak traffic. Averages over 3.2 M job postings.  Ranked #1 in market share.  Some services are in English, but you need to be able to read in Chinese to view the listed jobs.

Covers about 50 cities in China and probably the second most used site behind  All information is in Chinese. Job seekers can upload their resume.

A professional social network in China.  Traffic growing enormously and claims to have posted over a million jobs in the last year.

International Alumni Asia Job Network

A Job board for positions pan-Asia.  For now strongest in Vietnam but growing rapidly in Malaysia and Hong Kong, and wider China.  Has independent relationships with start-ups, businesses run by ex-pats, and multi-nationals so you will find positions advertised here that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

US Alumni Asia Job Network

A country-specific site for U.S. trained alumni returning to a country to build social and business relationships with others through mentors and on-site meet-ups

Job Korea

The most influential job site in South Korea. bought this company in 2005. You can see job listings for various levels such as part-time, entry-level, mid-career, and executive search firms postings. Like other major job sites in Korea, all content is in Korean.    


The site has won numerous awards in South Korea and has a variety of local and global companies.


It is a major job site for foreign companies operating in South Korea. However, all content is in Korean.

Contact Singapore

Contact SG is a governmental agency that provides career and education resources to foreigners who want to find an employment opportunity in Singapore. Non-Singaporean international students who want to find a short-term internship may consider the Working Holiday Program that allows them to work up to 6 months.  


One of the largest career portals in Singapore.  Includes postings for internships.


The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan operates this site. It provides information on employment opportunities at companies in Taiwan for overseas Taiwanese and global talent.


Number one job site in India.  29 million+ registered users and 47,000+ recruiters.

U of MN Alumni Services Map

University of Minnesota alumni can be a tremendous resource in building the professional networks that will help you find your first job and each one after that.  The University of Minnesota Alumni Association provides a useful interactive map showing all of our alumni chapters worldwide.  Click on a location to find contact people and upcoming events.