CDN Committees

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee exists to empower University of Minnesota Twin Cities Career Services staff to support diverse students (low income, first generation, race/ethnicity, gender identity or expression, age, ability, sexual orientation, DACA, religion, veteran status, etc.) from underrepresented populations through professional development opportunities including offering monthly Diversity Tips, and connecting CDN members to diversity and inclusio focused training opportunities.

Employer Marketing Committee

Many of our employer partners recruit across our campus or colleges. We also recognize that there are many more employers in the community with whom we do not partner. Our work is focused on the following:

  • Market career services broadly to the employment community
  • Developing key messages
  • Market career services to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB)’s
  • How do we market to this group?
  • What types of outreach can / should we be doing to be most effective?
  • Balance short-term, quick wins with bigger picture ideas in our work

Employer Survey Committee

Survey employers to gather baseline information on employer expectation of career services, their view on our students’ job search skills and to identify the skills, qualities and experiences they most value when hiring.

Government and Nonprofit Career Fair

To plan and host the annual MCUCSA Government and Nonprofit Career Fair through which undergraduate and graduate students and alumni of MCUCSA colleges and universities connect with city, county, state and federal employers and nonprofit agencies.

Graduate Student Work Group

The purpose of the Graduate Student workgroup is to connect occasionally with each other and the Graduate School about career and professional development issues of graduate students.

International Student Work Group

To create resources and programs to better support international students' career development at the University.

Now Hiring

This annual event is a collaboration amongst all of the undergraduate career offices on the Twin Cities campus at the University of Minnesota. “Now Hiring?” is an event for undergraduate seniors who graduate between December and  August of a given academic year and is held late in the spring semester. The event includes a panel discussion by employers and time for students and employers to network. It provides students with an opportunity to practice their networking skills and gain valuable feedback from employers. 

Programming Committee

The main responsibility of the PC is to plan the program portion of the monthly Career Development Network (CDN) meetings. We also plan and host typically one-two annual retreat meetings, which provide longer programming and networking opportunities for members. The topics covered in our meetings are determined by the members themselves, so it’s important for the PDC to receive regular feedback/suggestions. The PC also schedules or promotes optional career development opportunities on campus outside of our monthly meetings.

U of M Job and Internship Fair

General job and internship fair for all undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent (from the last 3 years) alumni of the University of Minnesota.