"To provide students, alumni, and staff with the tools, resources, and the opportunities necessary to successfully manage their careers."

Career Counseling

Individual counseling sessions may be arranged to discuss career exploration and decision making, experiential learning, work and study abroad, job hunting, and graduate school.

Career counselors are trained to help you discover what skills, interests, values, and issues seem to be recurrent in your life. You will work together to assess these attributes, and find the career path that is best suited to your interests, experiences, and skills. Take time to discover your unique attributes. Remember, the only person who can answer the question, "what should I be when I graduate?", is you.

Once you've assessed "where you're at", you can then work together to make an action plan. This will put you in a much better position to to tackle the job market and evaluate your various options upon graduation.

Remember, it is NOT necessary to have a career area in mind before you speak with a counselor, and it may take more than one visit to work through all of your options with your counselor.

To schedule an appointment with a career counselor, please contact your college's career services office.