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Diversity & Inclusion Program Award Winners

The Career Development Network's (CDN) Diversity Committee is proud to announce award recipients from the 2012-2013 CDN Diversity & Inclusion Recognition Program. Participants in this program set and achieved professional development goals over the course of the academic year to develop their competency working with diverse students.

The names fo the recipients (individuals and offices) who participated in and successfully completed the Program include:

Silver Award Recipients:
Tara Dillon, Career Center for Science and Engineering/Career and Internship Services Sharon Heron, Career and Internship Services
Lindsay Lahr, Learning Abroad Center
Whitney Moore, Career Center for Science and Engineering
Lucy Reile, College of Design Student Services
Megan Rivera, Career Center for Science and Engineering
Angie Soderberg, CEHD Career Services
Paul Zheng, Career and Internship Services
Gold Award Recipients:
Career Center for Science and Engineering Carole Anne Broad, CEHD Student Services Sara Covert, CEHD Career Services
Heather Fredrickson, Career and Internship Services
Elizabeth Hruska, Career and Internship Services
Beth Lory, CLA Career Services
Emily Loudon, CLA Career Services
Maggie Kubak, Career and Internship Services
Heidi J. Perman, Career and Internship Services
Jeannie Stumne, CEHD Career Services

Some intended outcomes for participants included increasing knowledge and confidence working with diverse populations; helping the U of M reach its diversity-related goals; and ensuring diverse students are being served effectively by campus career offices.

(For U of M employees) To learn more about the program visit: http://z.umn.edu/cdndiversity2012